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Hot Buns Hunter
Since I've discovered that a lot of people around the world shared the same fetish - the painful comeuppances of evil women in a slapstick way - I've created a deviantID to share some of my works.

It's featuring the future French Connection stories and comics series, some drawings inspired by other characters or artists.

I DO NOT take requests anymore (for now), by the way.

So, enjoy, et merci !

Current Residence: Somewhere in France
Favourite genre of music: Experimental, Ska, Metal, OST
Favourite style of art: Movies, Videos, Drawings

Hello there!

I've got some updates to share, mostly about my Derrières en Danger Yahoo Group!

The registration is still-free, but please, try to respect the age-limitation. (+18)

I am actually updating it a lot recently (something I haven't done since Easter 2013!) and, very soon, you'll be able to find in here :

- each of my DeviantArt drawings and stories on the group,
- some Groups Exclusive never published on DeviantArt.
- awesome and unpublished stories written by several DA members (:iconjohnps1:, :iconhenchies-and-hose:, :iconbulrathi:), some waiting to be illustrated.
- a few drawings and stories from my secret account, featuring male Hot Buns scenes, for those who might be interested.
By the way, this very same account (FrenchBadGuy) is soon to be deleted.
- And, the entire collection from my Youtube Channel .

Don't worry, I'll keep posting each of my works on my DeviantArt account first, so there will be no changes for those who follows TheShockermaniac.


So, yeah... For personal reasons, I'm planning as well to delete my Youtube Channel.
But since finding some wonderful HB scenes took me quite some time in the past five years, I just couldn't leave the website without saving the videos somewhere else.

Here's a WeTransfer link with an .rar file (488 Mo):


I'll change for a better file hosting service with unlimited time later. Of course, feel free to download them all, as well as submit them on your own Youtube Channels if you want to!



- NRG Drink - Puppet Dog
- Pizza Haven Ad - Branding
- Snickers Ad - Bite


- Burning Butt!
- Butt on Fire!
- Chun-Li vs Dhalsim (by Congolike)
- Vancouver Riots - Dog Bite (Beware, unfunny stuff)


- Despicable Me 2 - Dart
- Madagascar 3 - Dart
- The Little Mermaid - Dog Bite

  - LIVE

- A Simple Wish - Dog Bite
- City Lights - Burning dress
- Earth Minus Zero - Quick spank
- Finn on the Fly - Human Bite
- Friday After Next - Dog Bite
- Hot News Margie - Various
- La Chance de Ma Vie - Hot Plate Sitting
- La Moglie In Vacanza - Burnt Butt
- Les Soeurs Soleil - Skirt Rip
- Little Heroes 3 - Bite (French)
- Mr.Bones - Quills hat!
- The Cowcatcher's Daughter - 34 Spanks... 35 Spanks...
   (BEWARE : Though this is a M/F spanking, there is male Hot Buns gag in the scene.)
- The Duke - Dog Bite
- The Three Stooges - Best-Of 1
- The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Hot scene!
- Twice Round The Daffodils - Lost Skirt


- Tammy and Jessie -  Coming Soon!
- Making-of a Shockermaniac Drawing
- An Hot Buns Movie - Teaser



- Ace Ventura Animated Series - Spanked Witch
- Dinosaur King - Painful vaccination
- Dooly The Little Dinosaur - Witch gets bitten and exposed
- Kurokami - Dog Bite
- M.A.S.K - Vanessa Warfield
- Time Bokan Universe (Scenes from Yattaman, Ippatsuman, Zendaman, Itadikaman and Otasukeman.)

  - LIVE

- GCB - Shot In The Butt
- Hang Time - Cactus Sitting
- Hot Stove Prank
- On The Air - Dog Bite
- Space Cases - Android Gets Shot in the Butt.
- The Amanda Show - Judge Trudy - Nurse
- WWE Bra and Panties - Pantsed and Kicked


And that's all for now!

Have a nice day and see you soon on my Yahoo Group!

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: French Music (Jacques Dutronc)
  • Reading: Nothing at all for now.
  • Playing: Far Cry 4. Finally!
  • Drinking: Orange Juice.


Hey! A misbehaving sexy Blonde cop on the news? Should make a great character, don't you think?

(God, I love those weird videos. Great Job!)…

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Spicee was at home changing her curtains.  I was actually in a trance staring at her huge 60 inch ass jiggle was she moved about.  I almost let her go (am losing my touch and becoming soft) then I said to myself "I didn't go through all this trouble to break into her house and just stare at her ass" any way I have her house under constant surveillance so I can look at her big ol ass anytime.  I threw a hard stone at the back of her head DING direct hit.
Spicee putting up curtains by keymakernyc  
That hit put her in lala land she was out like a light snoring.
Spicee's big fall by keymakernyc  
When Spicee awoke from her slumber was very much dazed seeing stars of all colors.  Once her head was clear she saw a terrifing terrifying sight a 2 ton weight coming towards her.Spicee sees trouble by keymakernyc  
The enormous beautiful knew there was nothing she could but brace for impact.
Spicee is worried by keymakernyc  
The 2 ton weight dropped right on the Spicee's pretty head. She was able to throw weight off of her after it smashed her on her noggin.  Spicee was left with her big sexy legs up in air and of course as usual Spicee was seeing stars.
Spicee's crushing end by keymakernyc   
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Spicee walks into a room but she does not know the a boobie trap was set and she was that big boobie the trap was set for. As soon as she put her big size 12 foot on the correct spot a tranquilizer dart was sent flying towards her huge ass (there was no way for that dart to miss since her butt is so large) An audible poink sound could be heard as the sharp needle pieced her thick juciy ass.  Her eyes opened up wide her mouth opens up even wider as she let out a loud "YEOOOOW!!! MY ASS!!" she leaps in the air as she lands the ground shook. The ground continued rumble as she ran in circles a trail of mult color stars could seen.  She slowly began to slow as the tranquilizer swam in her blood stream and what began as as frantic running turned into a woozy wobble and dizzy bubbles began to form and pop over her head her normally calm eye became googly.  A normal sized person would have been out cold long ago but due to her thick solid 300bl frame it took a while to work (as predicted) she started to snore before her eyes closed before it was completely lights out for her she said "look at all those sheep jumping fence". Her knees buckled and hit the ground chin first with a thud.  And there she was the once proud and mighty was Spicee left in a postion of defeat face down ass up snoring and laying in her own drool. And before with leave Spicee in her humiliated state she lets out a loud fart.
Spicee snoring and starzzzz by keymakernyc 
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A skinny girl decided she wanted a ride so she bonked Ms Superdome over the head wiith a sack of silver dollars.  With Ms Superdome in a daze she jumped on Superdome's enormous 80 inch ass and took a ride.
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Spicee returns home not knowing that a trap has been set for her.  She take her next step she loses balance you could hear the slip sound effect as the large woman is launched in the air from the banana peel that was left on the floor.  It is such a sight to see Spicee in the air with both her legs and arms spread open wide in the air.  The look on her face was priceless her mouth and eyes wide open from then shock and awe coming from being launched in the air and the fear that follows.  Because as she was soon at the apex of her flight because Spicee knew all too well the laws of gravity what goes up must come down. Our big beauty was on her way down you could hear the familiar cartoon falling sound effect as she made her descent.  One large crash was followed by a bigger louder crash and the ground shook.  After the dust cloud cleared it was easy to understand what took place.  Spicee fell right thru the first floor of her house and in the living room floor was a Spicee shaped hole in the floor and she land ass first on basement floor.  Lucky for Spicee her humongous butt took most of the impact only leaving her a little dazed as dizzy balloons formed and popped her could hear the slight sound of bells being rung but other than that she was fine.  She then got on all fours so she could get up slowly.  At that moment she saw me standing there with a judge's gavel in my hand.  She knew what was going to happen next she begged for mercy and tried to escape by crawling on all fours she was soon cornered. I moved at such as fast speed Spicee had no time to react.  The last thing she saw was the gavel in the air over her head then it was a loud DING ad the gavel bopped her head and this time she her the sound of loud boxing bells being rung.  The stars were soon to follow she was out in a cuckoo state snoring face down ass up.  As always when she is in this very state she let's out a loud fart indicating her humiliating defeat.
Spicee Zonked by keymakernyc
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