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Tricks or Tricks?

Gather around, my fellow readers. What you're all about to read is quite a strange story. It may even give you the creeps... especially if you are a young woman frightened by the idea of being humiliated publicly.

Our shivering tale starts in 1938, and I must tell you, it isn't really what you might call some... "funny stuff".
Once, there was a great whealthy family living on the charming village of Bottomton, , on the British countryside.
The family, an aristocratic one from French descendants, The Dufessier, owned most of the small village since many decades, but they prefered to live on a small yet very classy manor, not far.

But unfortunately, The Dufessier family knew an harsch crisis due to their business of wooden toys when the second World War was declared. Their factories and shops went bankrupt one by one, until the entire family was broke.

The manor was sold to a friend of Michael Dufessier, Sir Jim Hughson, for a reasonnable price that would allow them to survive in a much reasonable lifestyle. And it was the last time we hard about the Dufessier... until today.

It's almost Halloween night, we are in 2014, and now the manor is owned by Sir Jim's granddaughter, Marcia Staker, née Hughson.
She was a 38 years-old blonde woman, a professionnal and reknowned painter, who lives here with her husband, Patrick Staker, one of the best lawyers in all London. The lovely couple had two children, aged 10 and 9 years-old : Patrick Jr and Mackenzie (Or "Pat and Mac" as they prefer to be called). They were two little redheads (just like their father) and were two model sons... at least when they are not hanging with the Dillane Boys, a couple of americain kids who recently moved in, in a manor not far away, an who were total brats. They learned Pat and Mac how to use dart guns and slingshots, practicing on the boucing backsides of three local female dogcatchers.

One day, the whole family was getting prepared for their day o labor. Well, Patrick was in London for an important case that day (involving a french whealthy woman in a dognapping and animal abuse trial), but Marcia had to work on a big commission for a Londonian galery while Pat and Mac had to go - sigh - to school.

-Hurry up, boys! You are already ten minutes late on our schedule! smiled Marcia, actually not worried about her two perfect boys.
-But mom, don't worry... began Pat, with his mouth full of muffin.
- ... Today, there's a school
Trip with both of our classes! We are expected a little bit later than every other day!
ended Mac, after swallowing his whole mashed egg.

- Yeah!  We're going to see a castle! My teacher say it is haunted! Do you believe I'll meet ghosts, mom?

- Ha ha. Maybe? Laughed Marcia, before taking a sip out of her tea. Did I ever told you that there is ghosts here too?

- No way, Mom! Did you meet them? Are they scary? asked the two kids, with an incredible synchronicity.

- Well, not really... But I'll tell you more on Halloween's night! Spooky, right? answere the mother,  with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and echoed through the entire manor. Who could that possibly be?

Marcia went to the front door and opened it, immediately receiving a thick cloud of cigarette smoke in the face.

She coughed two of three times before she rised her head toward the pretty figure in front of her.

A tall and elegant woman, around 35 years-old, with raven dark hair and shiny green eyes, sporting a tight bordeaux dress suit following  her curves and holding a cigarette in her right hand was standing in front of her.

- May I help you? asked Marcia, annoyed by the rudness of this woman's behavior.
The black-haired woman entered into the manor quickly, moving her eyes from side to side onbthe entry, before turning back towards Marcia again.

- Wow. This place is really impressive. It's even.more beautiful than what I've seen in pictures! said the mysterious woman with an enthusiastic smile.

<i <-Excuse-me but... who are you?</i> asked Marcia, now visibly annoyed by the woman's presence. Pat and Max has joined the mother, curious about the presence of such a remarkable woman on their corridor.

- Oh, I'm sorry.  It's me, Miranda Dufessier. Yiu knew I was coming this morning, right?

- Well... Not at all. Are you working for a television? I suppose the black trucks in my alley is your crew, right?

Miranda laughed loudly at the poor Marcia and her kids, bat their complete surprise.

- You really don't know who I am? I am the new owner of this - once again - very lovely place!

Marcia, Pat and Mac's faces went blank, they were in shock.

- Wha...Wha... What did you just said?" mumbled Marcia. How do you dare asking me to leave this place?

Without hesitation, Miranda searched deeply into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper. She then stuck litteraly on Marcia's face.

"As you can read, in his will, my late grandfather, Michael Dufessier, officialy gave this property to his own son, Michael Jr - my very own father. At the time,  he didn't claimed it,  but on the paper, it is officially ours. And now that my poor father has passed away, I come here to take back my inheritance."

After that short pitch, Miranda puffed on her cigarette and blew another cloud of smoke out of her mouth, but Marcia avoided it this time.

- "Well, Madame Dufess...
- "Miss Dufessier.
- Miss... The problem is that this manor has been sold to my own grandfather in 1938. So this place is belonging to my family, now. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do to change it.

Miranda let out an evil laugh that surprised Marcia's family, as she plunged her hand into her purse again.
It was another old piece of paper and Miss Dufessier threw it at a Marcia.

"Read it." grinned the black-haired woman.

Marcia was reading the old piece of paper attentivly, until her eyes.openee wide. She let out a big "What the F...?!" that surprised Pat and Mac.

"So... you are saying that we live on a rented property? That's ridiculous! We've never paid any cents for it  since my grandfather bought the place!"

"Indeed" laughed Miranda "and that's why I want you out of this place before the next two days and..."

-"But mom! It's Halloween night!" cried Pat.

- "Don't you dare cut me like that, brat! yelled angrily the Dufessier descendant "... and that's why you also owe me, sole survivor of the Dufessier family, all rhe money you didn't payed back since 1938. Which is -wait for it.."

Miranda took all of her time to search another piece of paper in her bag,  delighted by the look of sadness of the family in front od her. Finally, she found it and read it aloud.

-"400 million Pounds. That's the price."

- "That's insane cried Marcia I'm calling my lawyer right away. We'll settle this in court! "

Miranda's face went red, as she lunged towards the mother as if she was going to slap her. "You owe me that money, lady! I was ready to give you one week to collect it but now I want it for tonight!" yelled the tall woman. She turned her head to Pat and Mac, now smiling, Maybe you'll have to sell all of your toys and that little doggy I saw on your backyard!"

Miranda laughed even more evily than before.

Pat was crying, fearing he may lose his little Buddy (that's his name), but Mac wasn't crying. He was angrier than ever.
While the mean woman in front of him was still laughing, he raised his feet and stomped it loudly on Miranda's high-heeled right foot.

"YEOOW!" Jumping in pain, she took her sore feet in her hand, rubbing it tenderly.
With a look of fury in her eyes, she tilted her head to little Mac and raised her hand to slap him in the face.
That's when a loud chomping spund was heard, followed by a high-pitched yell from the evil woman. Miranda howled in pain and turned around, revealing to the family their lil Buddy, who had its sharp teeth clamped down firmly on her dress-clad right buttcheek.

"YEOOOW! Get rid of him!" cried Miranda, shaking her bottom side to side to dislodge the small yet powerful dog.
Pat and Max laughed at the attack of their fellow dog brother, while Marcia, who would be normally shocked by such behavior, was smiling too. That bitch got what she deserved, she thought.

Finally, Buddy released Miranda's rump, but not without taking the entire seat of her bordeaux dress. Miranda suddenly stood still and clasped her hands on her now unprotected behind. She then realized that her bare bottom, only protected by some black lacy knickers (with little red hearts sewed on them) were on display for all to see.
Ashamed, she kept her hands clamped to her derriere and ran out of the house, screaming "I'll send you my lawyers too!

Buddy spat out the bordeaux fabric of her dress and run behind Miss Dufessier, who was herself running out of the property.

Pat, Mac and Marcia all laughed when they heard another high-pitched scream for outside. The motor of a sports car was then heard and Buddy then returned, quietly, with a sizeable piece of the fabric of Miss Dufessier's lacy lingerie panties.

Pat and Mac laughed even more, thinking about that woman who was now "bare butt" somewhere else,  but Marcia didn't smiled this time. She took all of the papers Miranda left on the ground and took a good look at them. Something was wrong about them, but she didn't knew what. She thought she would send a vopy to her husband, maybe he has some friends for the Police Department that can help her in her judgement.
Suddenly, a quick and chilly draft of wind came out of nowhere, followed by the sound of every paintings falling on the ground.

"This is already a very strange day..." thought Marcia.
The Old Manor (Part I)
A all-new Halloween story based on an idea by sasihabna, and entirely written on my phone (that's new to me).

The second part will arrive on Halloween's day.
Hello there.

Just to keep you informed, it seems I have some troubles with my computer for now, which prevents me to send new works, stories or drawing.
I'm deeply sorry about that. I hope it'll be over soon.

Anyway, when I'll fix my computer, here's some of the works that will be coming soon :

- The new pages of the long-awaited DogCatcher Comic!
- The new pages of the long-awaited Three Stooges Comic!
- The third and last part of the Madame Vil Ene Trilogy, written by lukdev94.
- An illustrated story called "Tim Tom in Space" written by Kigil495.
- An illustrated story written by the great redeye1524.
- An illustrated story, written three years ago by johnps1, called Home Alone 6.
- Some short comics : Yankee Zulu written by iddqdidkfa666, short stories by Rammstein1994, etc...

Well, I'll keep you in touch.

Bonne journée !


Hot Buns Hunter
Since I've discovered that a lot of people around the world shared the same fetish - the painful comeuppances of evil women in a slapstick way - I've created a deviantID to share some of my works.

It's featuring the future French Connection stories and comics series, some drawings inspired by other characters or artists.

I DO NOT take requests anymore (for now), by the way.

So, enjoy, et merci !

Current Residence: Somewhere in France
Favourite genre of music: Experimental, Ska, Metal, OST
Favourite style of art: Movies, Videos, Drawings
Hello there. It's a bit of a sad news...

I'll be less than productive in the next months (except on  D.A Muro since, ONCE AGAIN, they're quicker and easier to do) and I won't be able to do any "drawn on paper/scanned/photoshopped" drawings... and thus the  Dogcatcher's comics, the project I know a lot of people is waiting for.

After talking about it with Sanders, the original writer and creator of our lovely girls Tabitha, Darling Derriere and Sarah, we've decided to let another DA artist to try to work on those pages. It's not a definite goodbye for me to those girls, since I'm hoping to work on them one of these days.

Here's Sanders message :


I've recently learned that Shockermaniac will be otherwise engaged for a good bit of this summer. This is a bit of a downer for me as I had hoped that he might be able to get on with the Dog Catchers comic a bit more now that term is over. Sadly, it appears this is not the case.

Therefore, I'm looking for someone to continue his work. I'm willing to pay a reasonable rate (I consider 5-10 pounds a page reasonable, btw). I've got a script that I'd like the new artist to follow and, ideally, I'd like for them to imitate the good man's style as far as possible. If this grabs your interest, or if you know of anyone who'd perhaps like to consider taking it on, please do get in touch. Obviously, the artist ought to be HB literate, and fans of DC are preferred! (one of the best things about shocker's work to date is how much he 'got' the characters)

I'd be looking, initially, for someone to do one page. Then, if it meets my lofty hopes, perhaps more. Like I say, if you're interested, get in touch.

Many Thanks,

Sanders "

I hope someone will take the project back and with a great fidelity to the great Sanders' plans.

I'm sorry about that sad news, some personal and non-HB stuff we'll take most of my time soon. I'll try to keep doing the unfinished requests on DA Muro and, probably, write a story in the meantime.

Toutes mes excuses.


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